About the Muscle Man

You are no doubt looking up the muscle man’s website because you are desperate for a “cure” for your ailments. You may have seen GPs, physios, specialists, chiropractors, had cortisone injections, even had operations, all to no avail. You have spent thousands of dollars, been told you are only imagining the pain, been prescribed numerous medications, all to no avail.

You may have heard about this mysterious muscle man who can work miracles with muscles, releasing pinches and “fixing” people in minutes (c/f. Peter Canny’s email to VIctorian baseballers). Well I will let you into a little secret, but don’t tell the health professionals. Muscles simply get jolted out of place by a fall, or lifting something that is too heavy for you, and twisting at the same time, pinching the surrounding nerves.  A domino effect follows and the pain spreads. It is simply a matter of reversing the process, freeing the nerves, just like putting a rope back into a pulley. Simple, but only if you know how!

Unfortunately the orthodox position contends contends that it is impossible for the muscles to misalign. But when it is explained to laymen they say “it makes sense” but medically trained people do not. By reading though the testimonials and the correspondence with institutions you get a better understanding of the issue.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more, or you would like to make an appointment.


The Muscle Man