Letter to Norman Swan

Dear Norman,
I have been thinking about writing to you ever since you interviewed Prof. Ian Harris, where he stated that he would never advise anyone to be operated on for lower back pain as no doubt you will be sceptical if I say i “fix” lower back pain all the time and have been doing so for many year.
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Letter to Senator Bill Heffernan

Dear Bill,
Thanks for listening to my story the other day, it’s not often that I get to vent my frustration regarding my technique of muscle therapy.
Over the years I have developed a very successful technique, which works in one treatment and only takes a few minutes.
The issue is: Do muscles misalign or don’t they?
The people I treat have usually seen numerous practitioners of various persuasions to no avail, had years of suffering, laid out thousands of dollars and are desperate for some answers and of course, relief.
I simply realign the muscles and free the nerves and they walk away fine! Then they ask me, “Why haven’t all the others done this?” I have to reply that they don’t know about it.”
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Letter From Sally Ruston, Charles Sturt University

Dear Mr Horsfield.
Thank you for your letter dated 8th July 2004, which I received yesterday.

I have read with interest your information and testimonials. Unfortunately I cannot help you at this time and no staff have the time at the moment to pursue in this area.

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Email From Peter Canney

As per our discussion this afternoon.
My story is well known I have had a chronic lower back and shoulder problem for many years, particularly the last 5-7 have been the worst. Until now!!!

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Sydney Morning Herald Article by Jim Rourke.
Healer with the Magic Touch

FOR close to 50 years Johnny Munro has been massaging, stretching and soothing thousands of tired, broken and injured bodies, from pensioners to dancers and elite sporting types.

From the back of his house at Mulbring in the Hunter Valley, the 75-year-old treats a steady stream of people in search of his special skills. Not bad for a man who started as a strapper for rugby league clubs, then worked on injured greyhounds.

He has had no formal training, relying on books and commonsense.

Between 100 and 150 people a week come knocking, many of them without appointments. And he still treats dozens of dogs a month.